2012 Wrap Up

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This past year I've had a bit of a renewed focus on posting my thoughts on this blog. I appreciate those of you who visit and enjoy by what I decide to post and link to.

I thought I'd post a bit of a recap with links to some of my favourite things I've posted over the past year.

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I relaunched the Too Lazy to Blog podcast as a sort of audio commentary for this blog. It has been reasonably well received/downloaded and I’ve had fun doing it so I think I’ll continue it in 2013. Having a weekly random guest keeps it interesting and challenging.

On to the Year in Review...

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  • Razzledazzle - You Look Nice Today comes back. It’s been a great bunch of episode this year.
  • Paper for the iPad - Great app. Need to steal my wife’s iPad more to play with this one.

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So that's the year on my blog. I'd hoped to have written more original material but at the same time it's very much a hobby site for me to post things I find interesting so I'm not too disappointed.

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions but I do enjoy using events that mark the passing of time to evaluate what I'm doing and why. But that's for another post to come. Hopefully in 2013.

Thanks again for reading, visiting, sharing, linking and liking here on Faraway, So Close. I appreciate all the silent lurkers who pop in from time to time and really enjoy the few that decide to leave a comment or question every now and then.

..cue Auld Lang Syne