While reading Chris Plante's review of Nvidia’s RTX 3080, one of the more expensive new graphic cards in 2020, I followed a link to Adam Clark's article on No Escape entitled PC Gaming Doesn't Have to Be Expensive, which feels like it was written just for me:

If the PC gaming hivemind is to be believed, you must spend thousands of dollars and get hundreds of frames per second to have a real gaming PC. In reality, there’s a much wider world out there open to people wanting to play games on PC, and if you are interested, you can get to work building your own quality gaming PC easily, and at nearly any budget.

Lot of great links to other articles, YouTube tutorials, and ways to get good gaming hardware on the cheap.

I recently installed Windows 10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro after a few years of struggling to be a Mac gamer and it's almost comical how much better Windows 10 is at supporting games and related apps.

I knew this to be true... but I didn't know it, know what I mean? I wasn't trying to fight some fight that macOS is a great gaming platform by any means. But it did have Fortnite on it - until recently. And Fortnite is the main game my kids want to play with me these days, despite my best attempts to keep Animal Crossing, NHL 20, and Minecraft top of mind.

Just the act of switching back and forth from Fortnite into Discord was buttery smooth.

I was ready to give up on building a proper gaming / streaming Windows box, but I'm back saving my $0.01 each month to get there.

PC Gaming Doesn't Have to Be Expensive, But It Is Better Than macOS By a Mile