This website is written by Chris Enns (surprise!), a web developer and consultant living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Self Portrait

Me. Trying not to look smug, mean, angry, or too happy.

I own my own consulting company, Lemon Productions, where I help people build websites and other fun stuff on the internet.

I’m also passionate about podcasting and am working on building a business around it at goodstuff.fm.

You can also find me tweeting, Google+’ing, photographying, urling, video editing, listening, businessing, tumblring (& tumblring some tweets) and occasionally keeping up with my mom.

About the Server & Software

This website is hosted by Dreamhost. I publish the content through a CMS called WordPress. I often write in the browser, but I will also make use of TextMate if I need more time to think.

You can read more about what I use and why on my recommendations page.

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