Inspired by Wes Bos' /Uses/ page, I thought I'd create one of my own.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments at the bottom of the page or on Twitter. Most stuff doesn't have affiliate links included but some does.

Editor + Terminal permalink

  • Visual Studio Code is what I write show notes in, edit HTML/CSS in, and copy quick notes to when I worry I'll forget about it. I had been using Atom but really like the direction Microsoft is going with their code editor.
  • I don't spend a lot of time in Terminal but when I do, I use the built in Terminal included with macOS.
  • Most of my website clients are WordPress based and so I've hung on to Coda by Panic as a FTP / editor. I'm excited to see what Panic has cooking up next though.

Desktop & Web Apps permalink

  • I've used TextExpander for many years and recently caved and upgraded to their subscription service.
  • For to do's and reminders, I use TickTick on macOS / iOS. Previously I really enjoyed using Todoist.
  • I write draft posts, journal, meeting minutes, and track when my kid's are sick using Day One for macOS / iOS. Previously I was using Bear which is another beautiful app for writing in - you can't go wrong with either app in my opinion. I chose Day One because I was already using it for personal projects and sorted out how to use multiple journals to keep things organized.
  • For group projects and some client work, I've been enjoying using Notion. I haven't upgraded beyond the free plan yet because I'm not sure how to best handle the various projects I collaborate on.
  • Speaking of collaboration, I use a combination of Slack and Discord for group chats.
  • Pixelmator is my photo and graphic editor of choice. I haven't upgraded to Pixelmator Pro yet but eventually I'll get sick of Pixelmator's multi-window set up and pay for the upgrade.
  • I use Clockify for time tracking and Wave Financial for invoicing.
  • Amphetamine is a useful (and free) app for making sure your Mac stays awake.
  • I use a mixture of Dropbox, Droplr, and Google Drive for sharing files with clients.
  • Besides Time Machine on macOS, I also pay for Backblaze to back up my iMac and MacBook Air in case something should happen to my office.
  • I use Spark for email on macOS / iOS. Initially it was because it was one of the few email clients that supported snoozing email to a later date. It's also a very nice looking email client.
  • Tweetbot on macOS / iOS is my Twitter client of choice - but I find myself using more often because of 3rd party apps inability to see notifications, support reading threading, and other issues.
  • My web browser preference goes from Safari to Chrome to Firefox. I'd really like to start using Firefox a lot more because I think they have the user's interests at heart more than Chrome... but alas, Google is Google.

For my podcast editing / production business, I use a few apps that might be of interest to some and of no interest to others. So here goes:

  • Apple Logic Pro X is the audio editor I use for 99% of my work.
  • Occasionally I'll break out Rogue Amoeba's Fission to quickly touch up an MP3 with it's fantastic lossless MP3 editing ability.
  • I also use Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack to record backups of almost every podcast recording I do - and sometimes it is the only recording.
  • Rogue Amoeba's (sensing a theme?) Loopback is indispensable for setting up weird audio devices to allow me to route audio wherever and whenever I want it to go.
  • Farrago, by Rogue Amoeba, is the best looking soundboard app for macOS. The bar was pretty low but Rogue Amoeba leapt way over the top in my opinion.
  • One final Rogue Amoeba app is SoundSource. It's the volume / audio control macOS should be built with.
  • I switch between Ecamm's Ecamm Live and OBS Studio for live streaming to Twitch, YouTube, etc.
  • Izotope's RX suite is my go to for cleaning up audio.
  • Marco Arment's Forecast is the MP3 chapter encoder app I generally use. I was using Auphonic's Desktop app but it's been awhile since it's seen updates. (If you're curious, I recorded a video screencast of how I use Forecast + Logic Pro X to add chapter markers to podcasts.
  • Speaking of screencasts, Screenflow is the app I use to record all the screencasts I do for both my YouTube channel as well as for demoing ideas or projects to clients.
  • All podcasts I create/produce are hosted on

Hardware & Gear permalink

  • My primary work machine is a 27" 2015 Retina 5K iMac w/16GB of RAM, Radeon R9 w/4GB of RAM, and a 2TB Fusion Drive. It's hard to believe this computer is 4 years old as it still feels just as snappy as day 1 (other than when I want to play Fortnite poorly.)
  • I love the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 but I don't think I'd justify it if it hadn't come bundled with my iMac. I also love the Apple Magic Keyboard - but at the time I bought it, they didn't have the full size-size Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad which I'll be buying whenever I upgrade my iMac in the future. Apple keyboards and trackpads suck for gaming.
  • For coffee shops and times away from the office, I use a 2018 MacBook Air w/4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.
  • I'm currently on a black iPhone 8 w/64GB. I stick to a 2 year contract for my phone because I'm not rich and fancy. The yellow iPhone XR looks real nice though for obvious reasons.
  • Any audio I record is done with a Heil PR40 microphone on a PL-2T boom arm, plugged into a FetHead preamp, which is plugged into a Scarlett 18i8 USB preamp.
  • I listen / edit with a pair of Audio Technica M50x headphones (video review available here).
  • My desk in my office is this Costco sold Tresanti Adjustable Desk. You can watch it go up and down on this Instagram video.* I sit my butt down on a version of this LÅNGFJÄLLchair from Ikea. I hated having arm rests (because guitar) and wheels on the bottom of my chair (I work alone. Where am I wheeling to?) and finally found one that works for me.