Review of the 2013 Ford Flex

— 2 minute read

Check out my review of the 2013 Ford Flex and while you're at it, kick the virtual tires on my new blog:

I've wanted a place to write about stuff that's more family focused - particularly on life with kids and all the stuff besides technology that is going on - yet still written from the perspective of a guy who's into tech, the web and all sorts of other nerdy stuff. Reviews of products we like or get to try, a future podcast with my kids talking about their favourite things and maybe even a guest post or two from my wife if I can coax her into it.

If it was still appropriate I'd put up a "Under Construction" animated GIF on the site but I prefer to just get the site launched as it is and refine it as I go.

So while this site will remain the same Apple focused tech/nerd fest, will be more of a dad/family focused nerd fest. Of course there's the obligatory Twitter and Facebook pages as well if you want to follow/like those. Fairly barren for now but more to come.