I'm not great at doing the self promotional bits but it needs to be done every so often so that my mum1 knows where to keep up with all the technical stuff her favourite son is up to.


There's a Facebook page for this blog that basically just gets a post every time I update this site. If Facebook is your bag, then like away.

I actually need a few more folks to like it so I can get a less ugly Facebook name than https://www.facebook.com/pages/Faraway-So-Close/263157693732863 so feel free to like it even if you don't, you know, actually like it?


It's probably a bit backwards but the official Twitter account for this blog is @chrisenns, where my personal Twitter account is @iChris. But that's just the way it is.

The @chrisenns account is just an auto-tweet with a link of every post that goes out on this site. So again, if Twitter is your preferred way to keep up with sites these days, @chrisenns is where to follow along.

RSS Subscriptions

Still my preferred way of keeping up with websites/blogs, but I know it's on the outs for a lot of people in favour of the above methods. But if you'd like to subscribe to the site with an RSS reader, https://feeds.feedburner.com/mennoboy-chris is the address to use. Your traditional RSS feed with everything posted, full article in the feed the way it should be and links back to the site/etc.

Other Stuff


Thanks for reading, listening, liking and commenting. I really do appreciate and value the little community that gets involved in the stuff I do. Some days it can feel like I'm operating in a vacuum and the comments on my blog, replies on Twitter or feedback for SSKTN all help to remind me why I enjoy this stuff so much.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Back to Apple fanboy/grumpy tech nerd postings.

  1. I really prefer the British spelling of mum. Something about it seems more warm and fuzzy than mom. Although it may just be that I really wish I had a British accent.

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