The Verge has a great video review up of the iPhone X, including a great way to see the tech behind the Face ID sensors:

Overall they love the iPhone X but it's still running iOS with it's quirks. It makes me wonder if we'll ever see a dramatic change to iOS the way macOS changed from OS 9 to OS X. Phone hardware development happens even faster and at a larger scale than computer development did which must make it difficult to try and push major software changes when the hardware is what makes you money.

For me, I'm happy with the iPhone 8 I upgraded to this year. Baring any hardware issues (defects or accidents), I'm sure it'll last me 2-3 years just like my iPhone 6 did before it. I'm also fine with letting early adopters work out the kinks of facial recognition before using it on my iPhone.

The Verge''s iPhone X Video Review