This is a great comparison video because they're not out to prove the iPhone X is better than the Panasonic GH5 - they state they use both in their own productions - but just show the footage and let you see for yourself. Video via

It's an interesting time for videographers where a $1,529CDN phone can compete with a $3,290CDN camera. The portability of an iPhone X alone makes it a very compelling choice vs all the gear of a traditional video camera rig.

I've been researching camera options for an upcoming project and the budget definitely doesn't allow for GH5 level gear - but $1,500 certainly would be in the ball park. This comparison video makes it compelling to just pick up an unlocked iPhone X.

Plus when they compare making phone calls, checking Twitter, or sending an email - I bet the iPhone X wipes the floor with the GH5. ;)

iPhone X vs Panasonic GH5 in 4k Video Comparison