Organize Week on the Mac App Store

— 2 minute read

Last week it was productivity apps and this week it's time to organize with selected organizing related apps on sale for 50% off.

I've only used two of the apps on the list:

  • Delicious Library 2 (on sale for $17.99) is an app that you can use to catalogue all your stuff. Useful for the geek who likes to keep track of all their DVDs but also an easy way to make a list for insurance purposes. Delicious Library uses your iSight camera to scan barcodes on products so that you can quickly add items to your library. Tools, books, electronics, etc. Basically anything that Amazon sells you can scan in - and anything else you can add manually.
  • DaisyDisk (on sale for $9.95) is one of those apps that you don't use that often but when you do, it comes in really handy. DaisyDisk helps you find files taking up space on your hard drive with a beautifully designed interface. This comes in especially handy when you're trying to clear up space on a smaller SSD drive or on a nearly full Dropbox folder.

Unclutter (on sale for $1.99) looks neat as a way to organize links, random thoughts and things that usually just get dumped somewhere. MindNode Pro (on sale for $9.99) is an app I've tried the demo of in an attempt to get into mind mapping/project planning but it's just never stuck for me.

My mind is un-mapable.