Authentic Jobs Canada is Not Authentic

— 2 minute read

I hate lazy rip offs and this one stinks all around.

Running a job board isn't a new idea. Nor is being inspired by the way another company runs their job board. But copying all the branding, functionality and pretty much the whole website is wrong on every level.

Authentic Jobs Canada (I'm not giving them a link) has copied almost everything about what Cameron Moll and his team at Authentic Jobs built up - including a Canadian version of the domain name and quick WordPress based job board theme.

I can only guess that the legal hassles involved for Cameron don't make it worth going after these jackasses.

Original Version permalink

Scumbag Rip off permalink

The problem really becomes apparent when I, as someone located in Canada, does a Google search for Authentic Jobs. This is what I see:

Google Result for Authentic Jobs

If I'm a Canadian business owner looking to hire and I've heard good things about some "Authentic Jobs" listing service, I'm likely going to skip down to the .CA version.

Not only does Cameron run a quality job site, he also puts a lot of effort into the charity:water initiative which has raised thousands of dollars for the charity.

I'm just posting this so that hopefully somebody who does a search comes across this and decides to use the authentic Authentic Jobs site and not the scummy Authentic Jobs Canada rip off.