The sponsor for this week's episode of The Talk Show with Marco Arment as the guest had Game Your Video as a sponsor - currently half price at $0.99 in the App Store.

I'm always skeptical of video apps on my iPhone. Perhaps coming from the video editing world of Final Cut Pro I have a hard time believing that the same things can be done on a device that fits in my pocket.

Sample Video Using a Preset

For this video I just grabbed a preset flavor ("Chaplin") from Game Your Video and let it override my video with settings and sounds.

Direct link to video

Sample Video Using Random Effects

For this video I just hit random effects. Though the end is kind of how we as parents often hear our kids crying. But we love them anyway.

Direct link to video

Mini Review of Game Your Video

I like how quickly and easily you can apply different effects and get a video out to YouTube or Facebook for sharing. The novelty of editing video with filters and effects wears off for me much quicker than photo editing does simply because it takes longer - but Game Your Video does a great job of keeping the processing / rendering time down and allows you to preview a lot of the effects live on your video.

It works decent enough on my iPhone 4. I'd imagine on a newer device the rendering/export times would only decrease.

Screenshots from Game Your Video

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Game your Video - Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Game Your Video for iPhone