Timing - Time Tracking for Humans

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One of the things I need to do as a web developer is track the amount of time I spend on a given project. Typically I do this by keeping a text file open throughout the day that I make a note of what time I start on a task or project and what time I end. It works well for me because I'm a bit anal about keeping track of things like this - but I know there are times when I've forgotten.

Enter Timing - Time Tracking for Humans. Timing is a Mac App that constantly runs in your menu bar and tracks the amount of time you spend using anything and everything you use on your Mac. And when I say everything - it is literally everything. Not just the app you're using, but what particular aspect of that app you're using.

For example, within Safari you can drill down and see what web pages you have open and how long you spent on each web page:

Timing Screenshot

You can see that I spent 7 minutes in Safari, the majority of which was at my blog while writing this entry. Over time, I can tell how much time I've spent writing at my blog and more easily tell whether it's worth my time and energy to write here. [ref]Disregarding the fact that I enjoy the writing, however much time I spend doing it.[/ref]

I'm not looking forward to seeing how often I've checked the Twitter app.

It's also on sale for 50% off for a limited time so now is the time to pick it up.

Timing - Time Tracking for Humans - Daniel Alm & Thomas Osthege

(Links to both of today's app posts are via Shaw Blanc's fabulous blog at shawnblanc.net. You can blame him if you, like me, are out $20 today.)