Mumford & Sons via Bob Lefsetz

— 2 minute read

Thanks to Travis for introducing me to Mumford & Sons earlier this spring. This review of their concert in LA by Bob Lefsetz should help to convince you to pick up their album if you haven't already:

Mumford & Sons’ music sounds authentic. There are no synths, no manufactured beats. It sounds like life. And last time I checked, we’re all human. Don’t you want something to touch your heart and soul? Great times are ahead. Acts like Mumford & Sons are leading the way. There are no rules. Practice, innovate, shoot for the stars. Do it your own way. Know that the audience is ready. Nothing touches people like music, no movie, no TV show, no Facebook wall. Get it right and people will bond to you forever. Mumford & Sons came to play last night. And so did the audience. It’s not about show, it’s about communion, a relationship. The band wore no outfits, performed no stunts, they just played music. And that was enough. More than enough. Because it’s not about what you see, but what you hear.

Just so you're forewarned, track 7 (Little Lion Man), has a bad word in it. No, actually it has a bad word a whole bunch of times. As in the chorus is made up of saying a bad word a lot. But it's done in four part harmony which I think redeems it, right?

Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons