We had an early wake up call ñ 7:15 was breakfast ñ so I was pretty groggy for the first session.  Great food all weekend hasnít helped the lethargy.  David, the speaker, has an amazing amount of knowledge in his head and itís been great to get a lot of the background of the story in Isaiah as heís been teaching.  Sometimes itís a bit much to follow (like this morning when youíre tired) but itís been good.  We had a 4 and ‡ hour break this afternoon that we put to good use.  First of all we had a good afternoon nap.  Then we went for a walk down to the chapel on the grounds here.  A beautiful building with lots of history behind most everything in and around the place (the pews, the pulpit, the doors, etc).  It was a quick hike down, but a steep hike back up but we managed to make it back without having to resort to a van ride.  Sue loved the shrimp for supper, I filled up on rice.

After another session with David we had our final small, interactive group session.  I got to hear about the joys of cancer and making sure to go to your physical, etc.  I was at least 20 years younger than the other 7 guys in my group ñ so I guess it gave me something to look forward to.  Probably the best time we had was after the small group a bunch of couples (including Pal and Angie) hung out in the entry of The Shepherdís Inn where we were staying and chatted until midnight.  Everyone else was from Ohio but we had good laughs talking about spiderbarks and getting free sandwiches.

Trip to N. Carolina Part 5