(This one was written in the 3rd person since Sue hijacked my laptop and took over for a day.)

This Holiday Inn Express had the cinnamon buns we know and love, but a bad set up for their breakfast bar.  Sue spent most of breakfast analyzing how she could improve the layout.

We got onto the road around 10am, after stopping at a grocery store for some food to take with us, following a long and windy drive to Deep Creek.  The first hike was easy, but gave some beautiful views of the creek and some falls.  There were many others on the hike, but most were carrying tubes to float back down the creek.  It looked like lots of fun.  The second hike was a bit more strenuous, but much shorter and still showed us some lovely falls.

We headed back, arriving in Ashville and finding our way to the Cove by 4pm.  After registering and discovering our beautiful room, and the beautiful scenery around the grounds, we had a tasty buffet supper.  We are the only ones from Canada here, which was nicely pointed out in the first session.  So we have been branded and are getting a little picked on because of it.  Sue was forced to be the leader in her interactive session, and Chris was assigned to be the leader in his next interactive session.  Seems people think Canadians make good leaders.

Our speaker talks a little like CJ Boldt, but tells great stories and seems pretty good so far.  We also met another young couple here, Paul & Angie, both just 24.  Paul has been a youth pastor at Angieís home church (just stumbled into it with no schooling) for 3 years, a conservative Mennonite church, theyíve been married four years, have 2 kids but parents close by, just got back from a missions trip with their youth, and are going to school in the fall.  We found ourselves saying ìus tooî a lot while we were getting to know each other.  It was kinda cool.

Trip to N. Carolina Part 4