Well much to Sue's surprise, I've decided to skip the final day's wrap up (quick summary - we ate another fine breakfast, spotted some wild turkeys, had another heady session with David, exchanged email addresses and phone numbers with people, packed up our car, took our time heading to the Charlotte airport by stopping at a Appleby's for lunch and a Krispy Kreme for dessert, flew to Minneapolis, ate McDonald's in a moment of fast-food weakness, got a free Oreo McFlurry, flew to Saskatoon, fell asleep) and just post a whole schwack of pictures instead.   The pictures are kind of in reverse order right now - I need to change the default for where it puts pictures when I upload them.

There's something like 4 billion pictures spread over 5 billion pages, so feel free to take your time not even viewing them at all.  Some of my personal highlights are below:

The next Billy Graham?
The entrance to The Cove

Wrap it up, wrap it in...