Instagram launching their Twitter clone Threads - I'm @iChrisv2 on Threads - built off the social graph you have on Instagram is such a smart play. Despite having a massive amount of users on Facebook, they're not leveraging that platform to boost Threads in part because that would be a huge turn off to all the people looking for anything to leave the sinking Twitter ship. As far as I can tell, they haven't even told Instagram users about Threads yet. I'm sure both platforms will eventually be pushed to Threads.

It's Only Been a Day

Threads hasn't been publicly available for 24 hours, and people are already proclaiming things with 100% certainty about it:

  • "It's so fresh and new here like the first day of school!" (Every social media platform feels that way at first until the marketers, ads, and bots ruin it for everyone.)
  • "Here's how to use Threads for success and profit!" (See first statement about marketers)
  • "Threads is ruining our lives because it's collecting data and using your posts for machine learning evil!" (Very possible. But if you're already on Instagram you've been feeding Meta your data for a while.)

What I think is going to be fascinating about Threads is how Meta is attempting to thread (ha!) the needle on bringing very different worlds together on one platform. Twitter users have a very different style and vibe than Instagram than Facebook than Tumblr, etc. And yet Threads feels like it's trying to go after all of them in a way. And when Meta does turn on the Facebook tap and suddenly your mom, that weird uncle, and friend from high school you've been ignoring starts following your Threads - there's no longer that nice Twitter vs Facebook wall that used to keep those two worlds apart.

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