This was a very big deal in our house this morning. Making sure all the devices were getting the 15GB+ update to Fortnite for Season 3:

Fortnite’s newest season is here, and that means a whole slew of new skins to unlock through the battle pass. This season’s pass has a distinctly nautical theme, which makes sense now that the entire map is flooded, but there’s more than just ocean accessories to unlock this time around.

Trailer video

The desire to buy the Battle Pass - which unlocks skins and other visual elements in the game, but does nothing to improve your actual abilities in the game - is high among our kids.

It drives me nuts.

I'm ok with them buying one per year because at $15, if that's all they ever pay to the gods of Fortnite, it's pretty cheap for the amount of time they play the game. But I do worry about the normalization of buying in-game digital bits. In my brain, I file that kind of purchase next to paying for something that you can't afford with your credit card - you just don't do it unless it's an emergency. That's what was instilled in me by my parents.

But as a video game nerd, I'm really tempted to skip out on work and join them in exploring the updated map.

Just one game?

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 Battlepass Trailer