Dropbox Introduces New Features Nobody Wants

— 2 minute read

Ron Miller at TechCruch on new features coming to Dropbox:

Dropbox has always been about file storage, sharing and collaboration, but it wants to stretch beyond those roots and provide customers, especially those using the Dropbox Plus paid tier with a set of additional capabilities that typically would have involved using third-party products. This includes password management, an online vault and full computer backup.

I appreciate that Dropbox wants to go beyond being really great file storage and syncing in order to compete.

But I really just want to pay them for super reliable and easy to use file syncing. Full stop. Dropbox Paper is really well done, but I already have apps to write in. Just give me a $5/month super-syncer plan and stop forcing bloated user interfaces down my throat.

Their "Suggested from Your Activity" AI is awful. It has never ever suggested something that I wanted to see. And the "For You", "Recent" and "Notifications" tabs in their menubar app rarely have the most recent file I've synced at the top. Google Drive at least gets that much right - just show me the most recent document at the top, always.

And please stop trying to pitch me on Dropbox Business. They hired a sales team and now have to justify that sales team by cold calling, cold emailing, and interupting users at every opportunity to pitch Dropbox Business upgrades.

Dropbox: shut up and sync.