Twitch Streamers I'm Digging

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I don't watch a ton of streamers because my job editing podcasts make it hard to listen/watch anything else while I'm doing it - but when I have a few moments I like to tune in to the occasional livestream. I enjoy checking out how they manage the tech side of sending out video to the internet, but also how they play some of the games that I suck at.

Before you click and check any of these channels out, here's the weird/cool thing about Twitch: if someone isn't live right now when you go to their channel, it might just look empty and boring. Sometimes you'll see archived videos but if it's been more than 30 or 60 days, the previously recorded videos get removed from Twitch because... I don't know why? Amazon owns Twitch now so it's not like they don't have access to storage space. If you look down below the main video you'll see a Latest Broadcasts section where you can watch recent streams to get an idea of what they're channel is like.

Ok... on to the Twitch channels I'm digging lately.

RunJumpStomp permalink

📺 Watch on Twitch This channel is a live recording of a Nintendo podcast, Nintendo Switchcraft, as well as streaming of various Nintendo Switch games.

GeeksLife permalink

📺 Watch on Twitch Luria & David are the folks behind, who I reference from time to time when I'm stuck on gear or software for streaming. But they also do IRL (In Real Life) streams while they're working in the studio on stuff, going camping, or playing some Fortnite.

Frogpants permalink

📺 Watch on Twitch Scott Johnson and friends record podcasts, create nerdy art, and play the occasional video game all on their Twitch stream. This is a channel I keep subscribed to because I'd love to grow Goodstuff into something like this someday: a viewer/listener supported home for nerds, geeks, and friends who love to talk about the nerdy, geeky, and friendly stuff in life.


Mijingo / Ryan Irelan permalink

📺 Watch on Twitch Ryan runs a business called Mijingo that offers courses and training for web software developers. He's recently started streaming a bit of a behind-the-scenes look as he creates courses, updates his website, or records new course material.


MegaJustin / Justin Jackson permalink

📺 Watch on Twitch Justin Jackson is a marketing guy and founder of, where we host our Goodstuff podcasts, and has recently started streaming his adventures in trying to learn how to code. I'm maybe a week or two ahead of Justin on some of the code nerdery he's getting up to, so it's fun to chip in and help and also see much smarter nerds than I poking him a bit and teaching him next steps.

Justin Jackson

Honorable Mentions permalink

A few other channels that are strictly gaming that I check out if I happen to have time when they go live are: Danh Hoang and Dave Rupert mostly play Overwatch much better than I do - but they also mix it up a bit with Nintendo Switch gaming. Kate is a Canadian streamer who's full-time gig is streaming on Twitch. I'm fascinated by the idea that people can do that

kate streaming

And of course, you should subscribe to the Twitch channel for streams of our podcasts we record as well as random games we check out.

Which Twitch Channels Are You Watching? permalink

In the age of Netflix and on-demand watching, Twitch and livestreaming is a bit of a throwback to TV when I grew up where you had to be there in order to see it. Luckily most streamers archive their library over on YouTube so even if it disappears from Twitch, you can still check out past broadcasts. If none of the channels I listed above interest you, you can check out the Twitch directory which shows you games you might want to watch, like Fortnite, Minecraft, or just talk shows.

Do you have a favourite Twitch streamer I should check out? Drop a link in the comments below and I'd love to check them out. If you'd like help getting going with streaming, I'm available for consulting. I've tried almost every piece of software out there and keep experimenting with new ones. If you've got the personality and drive to do it but just lack the technological know-how, I'd love to help you out.