Matt Haughey's Podcast Diet

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Matt's got a list of podcasts you may not have heard of to add to your listening schedule. He's broken them down by priority from "drop everything to listen to these" to "shows I occasionally pick up an episode when I hear it’s a good one".

Podcast discovery is still a mostly-broken problem...There isn’t really a good app to share podcasts quite yet (Breaker seems to be getting there), so posts like this will suffice.

I personally think this is something that shouldn't be fixed by algorithms. I think podcast player apps need to make it super easy to auto-share episodes of a show you like to social media - as easy as it is on my favourite app Pocket Casts, I should be able to just hit a heart and have that be shared automagically (whether from the app or via a bit of If This Then That API wizardry):

Sharing from Pocket Casts permalink

YouTube tutorial

I'd much rather hear about a great episode of a podcast from a friend and then be able to listen to that episode and decide whether I want to subscribe or not. I'm wary of any one podcast app/service that's going to try and take over the whole experience - despite that idea being what millions of investment money is likely flowing into these days. Keep your algorithms as far away from my podcasts as possible. Please.