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Matt Haughey’s Podcast Diet

Matt’s got a list of podcasts you may not have heard of to add to your listening schedule. He’s broken them down by priority from “drop everything to listen to these” to “shows I occasionally pick up an episode when I hear it’s a good one”.

Podcast discovery is still a mostly-broken problem…There isn’t really a good app to share podcasts quite yet (Breaker seems to be getting there), so posts like this will suffice.

I personally think this is something that shouldn’t be fixed by algorithms. I think podcast player apps need to make it super easy to auto-share episodes of a show you like to social media – as easy as it is on my favourite app Pocket Casts, I should be able to just hit a heart and have that be shared automagically (whether from the app or via a bit of If This Then That API wizardry):

Sharing from Pocket Casts

I’d much rather hear about a great episode of a podcast from a friend and then be able to listen to that episode and decide whether I want to subscribe or not. I’m wary of any one podcast app/service that’s going to try and take over the whole experience – despite that idea being what millions of investment money is likely flowing into these days.

Keep your algorithms as far away from my podcasts as possible. Please.

  1. To be clear, I want sharing to be easier. I want to see my friends’ lists and make adding new shows to my player as easy as clicking a button on the web next to the podcast name.

    I want shows I heart as “one of the best episodes” to filter up to my friends so they can know which ones to try.

    I don’t want AI to figure out podcasts for me, I want to make sharing as seamless and easy as possible.

  2. Yes to all of this!

    Pocket Casts (and Overcast I think?) seem to be building something close to this by having a web version of their app so in theory there should be a way to pull the data out to wherever you want. But it’s all stuck inside OPML files that track all the shows you subscribe to. There needs to be more listening data that’s in an open format of some sort.

    Thanks for stopping by Matt!

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