Cancelling My Podia Account

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Earlier today I sent this email to folks on my mailing list that had purchased or expressed interest in purchasing a course I published on Podia. I'm cross-posting it to my blog just in case someone misses the email. I'm sorry to have to do this but I'm letting you know that I'm going to be shutting down my account on Podia at the end of April, 2018. When I cancel my Podia account the content on here will be disappearing.

Why? permalink

The main reason is that I've realized I'm not able to produce courses_videos and market them at the pace necessary to justify paying for a service like Podia on a monthly basis. It has nothing to do with the quality of Podia as a course_membership service - I think it's one of the best out there if you're looking to publish a video course, run a membership program, or both! Spencer and the crew at Podia are doing an amazing job of taking all the pain away from creators and teachers who just want to get their thing out there in the world. Podia makes it so much easier than it used to be. Memberships, Courses, Email Newsletters, or Digital Downloads are all possible without having to worry about complicated servers and plugins and payment gateways.

What Happens to the Courses You Purchased? permalink

The last purchase of one of my courses was in February 2018 so hopefully by now if you bought the course you've had a chance to work through it. As I said, the site will be active until the end of April, 2018. If you have any questions about how to access the course, please reply to this email before April 30th or send me an email at / tweet at and I can direct you to where the videos will live on on my YouTube channel. I'm also in the process of publishing all the course videos on my YouTube channel where they'll live on freely available to watch for as long as Google keeps YouTube around.

What About Podcasting 101 / WordPress 101? permalink

I'd still love to put together those courses someday but I know that it's not happening anytime soon. I'll definitely be publishing podcasting tutorials and quick tips on my YouTube channel. If you’d like to keep up with new videos I publish, you can sign up for my newsletter here 💌 and I'll drop you a note whenever I put out a new video.

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If you'd like to keep up with what I'm up to, you can listen to my podcast Daily(ish) where every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I talk about life, work, and most everything in between in 10 minutes or less each episode. Subscribe to my podcast:

Thank you for your time today as well as for your support in the courses I wanted to create. I'd also like to thank Podia for their help in answering any questions I had in using their site. Chris Enns Lemon Productions