Who Is the Apple TV For?

— 1 minute read

Living in Canada, I didn't expect that much of the fun stuff Apple was doing on the Apple TV would be available here for awhile - if ever. And I'm hopefully not going to be buying a new TV anytime soon. But it's still disappointing to learn via Joe Steel's recap of Apple's October event how far behind and overpriced the Apple TV really is compared to other streaming boxes:

There is no way to justify spending $150 to enter Apple’s TV ecosystem in the fall of 2016 on hardware alone. When Google is making a streaming UHD HDR player that costs LESS than a replacement Siri Remote, there is a problem with the hardware Apple is selling.

Our current 2nd-gen Apple TV is working fine other than the Netflix app rebooting the machine randomly. So if there was a compelling reason to upgrade to a new Apple TV, I certainly would do it.

But with most of the new features locked to the USA [footnote]Thanks Obama[/footnote] I think I might try out a Chromecast the next time Netflix boots me out of a show.