A few things:

  • My Snapchat 101 course is on sale for the month of August - get it here for $8
  • I'm updating it with all new videos with details on all the new features Snapchat has added since I first published the course
  • If you buy the course now you'll get the updated videos for free when I publish them this fall.
  • The price will be going up to $20 when the new videos are published.

There. Got that out of the way.

Wait! What about Instagram? It Stole Snapchat's Features And My Friends Say It's Better So I'm Not Buying Your Stupid Course You Smell!

Well that's not very nice to say. The beauty of the internet and digital courses like mine is that you don't have to smell me while you watch the course so in your face!

But you bring up a valid point. Instagram did copy a bunch of Snapchat's features and doesn't want to be left out of the disappearing pictures and videos game. So...

I'm going to be putting together an Instagram 101 course as well.

Sign up here to be notified when it's ready and you'll get a super sweet 25% discount to boot. Final price to be determined but just think of it - the higher the price is, the more you'll save!

Initially I figured I should wait until the two apps just merge and become InstaSnapGramChat but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. So onward with the course prep it is!

In Summary:

Questions? Leave them in the comments below, tweet it at me on Twitter, or follow me on Instagram and send me a video question there.

Snapchat 101 Course On Sale for August