Apple March 2015 Event Video Posted

— 2 minute read

Apple has posted the video from their event on Monday in case you wanted to re-watch it. [footnote]You did watch it live right? Who doesn't have 90 minutes free on a Monday to watch tech news?[/footnote]

If you're curious about my thoughts, you can listen to Tim Smith and myself discuss it on yesterday's Goodstuff Specials episode. The tl;dl [footnote]Too long, didn't listen[/footnote] version is this:

  • Apple's growing presence in China is a big deal. AFAIK it's a pretty big country.
  • Cheaper Apple TV is good. Not as cheap in Canada due to another adjustment by Apple reflecting the US Dollar.
  • The new Game of Thrones trailer is awesome.
  • HBO Now sounds great but only available in the U.S. for now.
  • Health Kit and Research Kit are incredible. Possibly the most important part of the presentation in my opinion.
  • The new MacBook looks interesting if you're not a power user or tired of your iPad Air and wanting to go back to a laptop.
  • Apple Watch just doesn't interest me. I have no doubt it's going to sell really well and I'm sure eventually I'll want one - but I don't have a real world use that I can justify $350+ for an Apple Watch.
  • Plus I hate the feeling of something on my wrist and was very happy to get rid of my watch when I started carrying a cell phone.

Are you going to order an Apple Watch?