Google Killing Reader

— 1 minute read

Google has announced that they're shutting down Reader effective July 1st, 2013.

Reader is a RSS subscription manager/reader service Google made for free that effectively destroyed any other service available at the time that might compete - why would you use something else when Google made Reader for free?

You either depend completely on Google Reader for managing your RSS feeds, like me, or you have no idea why so many nerds are gnashing their teeth over this decision by Google.

I posted a question on Twitter earlier today wondering if Gmail could be next in line for Google's house cleaning:

I got some responses from Adam Clark and Tim Smith, both podcasters among other things, and we decided to record an episode of Too Lazy to Blog to talk about Reader's demise, the merging of two podcast networks in 5by5 and 70Decibels, and also Tim's new training site for front end developers appropriately titled Tim Likes to Teach.

Go listen to Google Is the Company of Nerds vs Podcast Networks.