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Apple Cedes the Lead

Great takedown by Gruber of this article posted to Reuters:

By market share alone, one can argue that Samsung is winning, but as I’ve stated above (and repeatedly recently), the iPhone has never been close to a market share leader. By market share alone, the iPhone is far behind even Nokia.

The desire for the “Oh, how the mighty Apple has fallen” narrative is so strong that the narrative is simply being stated as fact, evidence to the contrary be damned. It’s reported as true simply because they want it to be true. They’re declaring “The King is dead; long live the King” not because the king has actually died or abdicated the throne, but because they’re bored with the king and want to write a new coronation story.

  1. Just my two cents: Apple would be more inclined to market their dominance a bit more. The narrative that writers want is going to happen regardless of facts unless Apple calls them out on it repeatedly. There are only so many Grubers to carry the water.

  2. Agreed. Odd times with Schiller doing that interview so maybe they are trying to more directly educate the press. Jobs did it with “open letters” and talks at D4. The new Apple does it with random interviews?

    (And I like the visual of Gruber carrying buckets of water trying to put out a fire while the rest of us are checking our iPhones for new DF posts.)

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