Good Night Lamp on Kickstarter

— 1 minute read

Really neat idea: internet connected lamps that turn on when the Big Lamp turns on. Perfect Kickstarter material.

We've chosen to connect the lamps with wifi technology. When you receive your Big Lamp you use a USB cable to connect it to your laptop and program it to remember your wifi name and password. Once that's done, you can plug in your Big Lamp anywhere you like. The Little Lamps connect to a Power House which also has a wifi chip which you program in the same way. When you collect many Little Lamps, simply connect them to each other.

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This is something that seems right in line with what James Sapara and I were talking about on The YXE podcast earlier this week - a computer doesn't have to be in every device, but having every device connected in some way can make for some really neat tools and toys.

At £89 (approx. $140CDN) it's an expensive lamp set. But this is version 1. We'll see what happens in a few years.

Via @jasonfried