A Day in the Life of YouTube''s New Studio for Partners

— 2 minute read

A bit short on what actually goes on in a day at the new space, but ReadWrite's article on the new facility YouTube has built for video creators is interesting none the less.

YouTube Spaces is the name of a different sort of incubator/start-up space built to allow people access to high quality production studios and equipment to create more videos for YouTube.

...this one doesn't give you any money, or claim ownership of your final product. Instead, it offers the tools to make more professional productions, and strategy to build and grow audiences-- while linking with creators on a profit share.

Like most things on the web, the minority of folks at the top of the food chain can make a lot of money while the rest of us plod along with a couple bucks here and there. But the view from the top is pretty incredible:

The space's first resident, Freddie Wong, boasts more than 4.3 million subscribers and 785 million video views on his channel. There's big money on the table for Wong. And he's taking it.

YouTube is letting Freddie build a new soundstage for season two of his scripted series, Video Game High School. And it didn't even have to spend a penny. Neither did Wong. He raised the money through a Kickstarter project and private investments.

More views on videos means more advertisers want to advertise which means more money for Google - you own YouTube. So it's in Google's interest to get better content - and more of it - on to YouTube.

I've seen minimal success in uploading videos to YouTube but it is a bit addicting when the odd video gets a lot of plays.