Survivor Philippines Starts Tonight

— 1 minute read

I can't stand most reality TV shows but Survivor and The Amazing Race are the two that my wife and I enjoy watching. 1

I don't like it when they bring on celebrities because it starts to feel like a ratings grab - except that typically the celebrities they bring on are huge fans of Survivor and want to be on the show as badly as anyone else.

This edition's famous players include a former Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player, Jeff Kent, and Lisa Whelchel who was an actress on the 80s TV show Facts of Life. The ironic thing is that most of the other contestants are probably too young to even know or care who a 80s TV star is anyway.

  1. Yes I know you watched the first season and haven't watched it since. And yet you're still an expert on how bad a show it is. Tell me more about things you know so much about yet haven't actually watched or experienced in 10 years, I love it.