Google+ As The New Flickr?

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I really like a lot of what Google+ is trying to do. They're trying a different approach to get a foothold in the market where Facebook is obviously the dominant platform and Google is trying to do that by playing to their strengths - data.

But, as this Venture Beat article about a recent Google+ Photographers Conference illustrates, do they have to be so creepy about it?

For example, say you review a restaurant. Google will tuck that information away and deliver it when it is relevant, perhaps six months later when one of your friends looks for a restaurant recommendation in the same area. “That’s a gift from me to that person facilitated by Google.”

No. That's creepy. Google tucking anything away is creepy. Like a stalker.

The ability to upload photos and easily share them, at full quality is a great feature of Google+. Facebook compresses and mangles photos, strips metadata & exif data out so badly that when you try to grab your photos later for a slide show or something all anyone can get is small thumbnail'd versions of their photos.

“I want to know everything I can about the environment,” said Horowitz. “I would like to know more detailed information about the roll, pitch, yaw of the camera. About the lens optics, about even the blood pressure of person whose hand is on the camera, even the galvanic skin response.” These biological markers can be used to identify the special and meaningful moments in your life worth remembering, such as the happiness you felt seeing your kid take her first steps.

No. No you don't need to know the blood pressure of the person whose hand is on the camera. Don't be creepy! Just store my pictures in high-resolution. Allow me to share them with who I want and nobody else. And keep doing cool things like Hangouts and figuring out how to bring it all together in a non-creepy way.

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Hangouts Can Be Creepy Too
Hangouts Can Be Creepy Too