Three Things That Should Trouble Apple

— 1 minute read

I really like the premise for Guy English's1 article, Three Things That Should Trouble Apple:

I believe that many Apple observers have been too invested in picking off the low hanging fruit of obviously out-of-touch commentators, columnists, and analysts. Apple is winning. It’s fun to pick on the idiots, and we do tune in for the affirmation that engenders, but that’s not insight. It’s a tag team wedgie patrol. It takes a cleaver intellect to dismantle bullshit but, ultimately, it often just ends up with pantsing the dumb guy. Rather than doing that let’s aim to pants the A-grade quarterback.

Take the high road and point the lens back on the Mac and figure out what needs improving. Good stuff.

  1. Yes that's his real name. For extra confusion he apparently lives in the country of Québec. Where english is but one of the languages spoken apparently.