Twitter Selling Your Old Tweets

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Right in line with yesterday's post on Facebook selling your links is the news that Twitter is selling access to their archives to market research companies.

Firms can search tweets back to January 2010 in order to plan marketing campaigns, target influential users or even try to predict certain events.
Until today, only the previous 30 days of tweets were available for companies to search. Regular users can access posts from the past seven days.

Nothing surprising or shocking about it but just remember that free isn't actually free. What's frustrating is that you yourself can't really get easy access to your own Tweet archive to export or do anything with your own data. If Twitter spent a bit of their time and money getting their search and history archives available to the regular user as they do for businesses, I don't think people would be as upset.

It's why I use a service called ThinkUp to archive my tweets. Not because I think they're so amazing but simply because it's something I created. I should get to at least have them.

Private accounts and tweets that have been deleted will not be indexed by the site.

For now?

Link to BBC News via @mezzoblue's RT