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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere looks like an interesting idea for schools or other presentation focused businesses or organizations.

Plus it’s got a sweet promo video produced by Adam Lisagor’s Sandwich Video:

Direct link to video

I really like that they include the ability to embed a result live in a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation so that you don’t have to switch out to a web page mid-presentation. Also, Canada is included in their list of short code supported countries.

Pricing will either look crazy to you (“What? Why would I pay a monthly fee to ask people something?”) or be a tremendous value to you if you’ve ever had to pay for, setup and configure a polling system.

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the video and system. Keep in mind you can change your plan at any time, so you're not "locked in" to paying for a subscription each month if you don't need to.

    Thanks again!

    [email protected]

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