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All.I.Can. Street Segment

Easily the best ski video I’ve ever seen1 and what I saw was only a small part of it.

We saw the video below at the Banff Mountain Film Festival last night when it came through town. Incredible cinematography, music and editing. Viewing it on a computer screen doesn’t really do it justice2 as compared to watching it on the huge screen at TCU Place. Mark it to watch later on your Apple TV.

Direct link to video

That video is just one part of a full length movie put together by Sherpas Cinema. View the teaser below, buy the video on iTunes in HD for $9.99 or visit the Sherpas Cinema store to buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

All.I.Can. Teaser

Direct link to video

All.I.Can. by Sherpas Cinema

  1. Not that I’ve seen a lot. But I have watched more than 2 in my life. 
  2. Unless you’ve got a 64 inch computer screen. 
  1. No I missed that one. Truth be told, there's a ton of great movies in that category. You can make a boring snowboard/ski video but you can't make an ugly one – or at least you'd have to try really hard.

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