The Best WordPress Theme Available

— 2 minute read

You can pick up the best WordPress theme 1 available for 35% off now. Instead of $70, it'll be whatever 35% off $70 is.

Canvas Screenshot
Canvas Screenshot

Go to the Canvas from WooThemes page and use coupon code 12DAYSCANVAS to get 35% off either the standard or developer 2 version.

In the past I wouldn't normally want to link to the theme I'm using on my blog, but since Canvas is so customizable and powerful it's pretty easy 3 to create something awesome and unique with each install of Canvas.

  1. Where best is subjective and since this is my blog and it runs on that theme, I get to declare it the best. 
  2. The developer version includes an extra free theme as well as the Photoshop PSD file for the theme. Personally the PSD is not really necessary but you might find it nice to have if Photoshop isn't your bag. 
  3. Easy being relative to the many hours of work required.