A Love Letter to TextMate

— 1 minute read

In case you were confused by yesterday's little video, well, this probably won't help much either and will just make you think nerds are even weirder than you already thought.

Matt Gemmell wrote a letter to TextMate that explains a bit of the heartache of waiting for an update that may never come to many a nerd's favourite text editor:

I still remember the early days - they were amazing. The bundles, new stuff every week, the syntax highlighting (oh man, the syntax highlighting). Yeah. Those were good times. It wasn’t just me, right?

And the money thing. Ugh. That really messed us up. You always insisted on paying, even though I was happy to. I could have supported you; I was glad to help with that. Maybe you could have got to 2.0 sooner. But you didn’t give me the chance. It just all felt a bit one-sided.

Yeah, so you're probably more confused now than ever.