You Built This

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Anthony Stauffer, co-host of The Google Juice, the longest running (that's not currently running) podcast about anti-internet marketing, is celebrating 4 years of running his online guitar training website 2 years ago he was able to quit his job and take it full-time. I consider the way he's built his business to be the model for how to keep your integrity intact while providing for your family through your passions and interests.

I first came across Anthony via the excellent tech/gear/how to podcast he did with Dan Benjamin called The Mixdown. Anthony's clearly a teacher at heart and his explanations of mic mechanics, audio software, compression, distortion and other topics gave what I'm attempting to do over at a huge leap forward and it's not over stating things to say that I wouldn't be where I'm at with SSKTN if I hadn't stumbled across The Mixdown and Anthony Stauffer.

When he agreed to be a guest on my interview show, Welcome to the Internet, I was shocked that he'd take the time to chat about his business with me - some random dude from Canada. But talk he did and it has since become the most downloaded episode I've recorded to date on

Anthony wrote a great article thanking all the people who helped him build

Congratulations Anthony on 4 years of sweet guitar tones and melting people's faces off.

I'm sure the inclusion of my name on his list of thanks was an administrative error and will be remedied shortly.