One Reason the Jets are Still Going to Be The Jets

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From the best new sports blog in America,

True North, the corporation which bought the Thrashers, did not buy the name rights so they had to come up with a new name for the team. There was much controversy and gnashing of teeth prior to the official announcement. The people wanted their beloved Jets back. Which at first I thought was weird. I mean, imagine you’re dating this girl named Darleen and you really love her and she leaves you. Then years later you meet a girl that’s similar to Darleen and you fall in love with her and she says she’ll move in with you. You say “OK, but change your name to Darleen.”

That was my first reaction, at least. But the more I thought about it the more I realized why it was the right thing to do. Remember when you used to scream out Darleen’s name during sex? How good would it feel to do that again? Even if the sex wasn’t that great sometimes? Even if this isn’t Darleen but someone who sort of looks like her?

So I’m happy to see the name Winnipeg Jets back in action. I’m happy for the city, for the hockey fans and for people like me who are stuck in the past and wish everything old was new again. Now if we could just get the Devils to move back to Colorado, Dallas to head back to Minnesota as the North Stars, give Hartford back their Whalers…there are so many cities that would love to call Darleen’s name out again.