Two Nice New iOS Apps

— 1 minute read

Two apps that will no doubt be on upcoming episodes of Appsession.

The first is a new Twitter client from Tapbots called Tweetbot ($1.99, affiliate link) that is a lot of fun to use. I'm only using it on the @ssktn account to toot about new episodes. Certainly good to have an alternative to the official Twitter client.


The second is an SSH client (non-nerds can tune out at this point) called Prompt ($4.99, affiliate link) from Panic. I haven't used this one yet, but knowing the level of craftsmanship they put into their other applications (Transmit is the only FTP client you need) I have no doubt Prompt is going to be the best SSH client on an iOS device. Great that they include both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad version in the same app.