Giving Up Twitter for Lent

— 2 minute read

This year for lent I've decided to give up using Twitter - at least my personal account. I'm curious to see what kind of effect it has and is having on me. I like to think I'm immune from being influenced by technology such as this, but I know how naive that thought is.

For work and for other projects (i.e. @ssktn, @lemonproduction) I only really use it as a promotional/notification tool so those will still be maintained, though I will un-follow nearly everyone that I presently follow with those accounts.


I'm kind of curious to see what will happen to a mostly dormant Twitter account in terms of followers. There's really no reason for someone to un-follow a quiet account. There's no limit of number of people you can follow. And likely if an account is quiet for a month, a lot of people won't really notice.

At midnight (or whenever I go to bed) tonight, I'll post a link to this blog post and then remove the @ichris account from the various Twitter clients on my Macs/iPhone so I'm not tempted to check in.

If you haven't already, I'd also recommend you visit the notifications tab in your Settings on Twitter and set it like so:


Why do you need to be notified that someone is following you? These days it's more often than not a bot/spammer. If it's a friend then you'll figure it out pretty quickly because friends converse with you, right?

For those of you reading this via RSS, you may have noticed that this appeared last week around this time. Miscommunication between myself, my wife and my brain amounted to me getting a week ahead of myself. Sorry if I caused anyone else any confusion!

Less email FTW.