Remembrance Day

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On this, the 11th of November, I choose to remember those who gave their life or who gave a big part of their life for the freedoms and opportunities I have.

John and Frank - Regina

Having recently been witness to the funeral of a veteran where the Legion honored their brother who had passed, it was a vivid reminder of the men and women who are living with the memory of war(s) in their lifetime.

Lest we forget.

Lest we forget.

I write articles complaining about how hard it is to get an iPhone, and other modern issues. And while one train of thought might suggest that a veteran might say “How dare you complain?” I have never felt that kind of attitude coming from any veteran I've talked with. There's none of the bitterness and cynicism that we all carry around with us today.

These people who risked their lives are happy to see us enjoy the freedoms they helped provide. It brings them joy. And all they ask is that once a year we put poppies on our shirts and pause to remember those that didn't get to see the joy they were providing, that didn't get to come home to a hero's welcome, and whose moms and dads had to open a letter telling them that their child wouldn't be coming back.

Missing Letter