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I’ve avoided linking to (or even reading) because the premise for the website is that people send in screenshots of SMS (texting for you kids) conversations gone awry by the autocorrect feature of many phones. And so it would be very easy to fake a conversation just for the sake of funny. And if I’m going to laugh at something that was supposed to be accidental but was actually intentional, then I don’t want to laugh.

All that to say – there’s some really funny autocorrections on there, like this one:

  1. Wow. You need to lighten up and stop being so lame and overanalytical. The site is hilarious. Enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Dave! I'll try not to be so lame next time so as to prompt you to leave a comment on my blog to tell me how lame I am.

  3. You're welcome. I read your blog from time to time, and you're usually lame, but this was especially lame so I felt the need to let you know.

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