1. Was in to Bestbuy this morning. They had Iphone 4 in stock, but advised that they are not permitted to sell. They received an email this morning advising that they could not sell, due to "network issues". No idea when the ban will be lifted.

  2. For crying out loud! With a vague reply like that, I bet Sasktel is somehow involved. I'm starting to get really frustrated; can't anyone at least give us a time frame… days, weeks, months, years?

  3. I phoned the Best Buy in Saskatoon today and they confirmed that they do have them in stock but they can't sell them because Telus' network isn't ready. Which I'd imagine means they haven't gotten everything figured out with Sasktel and their network since that's who they'd have to share time with.

    Unfortunately it all comes down to Sasktel again.

  4. You have no idea how frustrating it was to sit in that store this morning, knowing that the phone was in a drawer on the other side of the desk, and be told I couldn't buy it, that they had no idea when I could, and that they could not give me a raincheck, notify me when things change, or otherwise recognize my effort to be there this morning.

  5. An update: I spoke with a Best Buy associate this evening, and it turns out they no longer have the iPhone 4 in stock; they have been recalled. No one seems to know why, or when they'll be back. I don't care who gets the iPhone, be it Telus or Sasktel, I just want to know when I can get one!

    If they don't offer them until after the free bumper case deal is closed, they better be willing to hand out free bumpers.

  6. This would appear to be the answer – found on another blog: "Telus will not get the iPhone before Sasktel, it would be a violation of their network sharing agreement which, from what I understand, stipulates that Telus can not release new devices without giving Sasktel the option to do so first."

    I was in paying my bill today and heard a sales rep tell a customer that Sasktel now has an agreement with Apple, but that they don't know when supply will start. Obviously not a definitive answer on whether there is an agreement and on date.

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