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I've resurrected my blog over at Lemon Productions with a bit of a renewed focus.

Lemon Productions Blog

I'll have a thought or two throughout the week related to running an online business and felt like I didn't want to bore readers of this site (Hi Mom!) with that kind of stuff. And then I remembered that I have a freelance online business myself that I could promote with writing about running an online business and SHAZAM! - synergy!

I have a pretty low tolerance for words like "synergy", "fourth quarter profits", "calls to action" and "maximizing our earning potential" so you won't find much of that kind of stuff on the Lemon Productions blog - the stuff you'll find will be more like the kind of thing I might chat with you about over a drink, an idea that I can't get out of my head.

You can subscribe in your RSS reader or just head over to the site.

p.s. If you lurv the typography and sexy ampersands on the blog as much as I do be sure to hit up Matt Wiebe - a web designer based in Winnipeg who did the WordPress theme. I can't guarantee I'll keep that theme forever (I tend to be a bit schizophrenic with my own sites) but it's a great start.

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