Growing Up in the 90s

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When rock was grunge and everyone knew that plaid was going to last forever:

Potty mouth warning for those with sensitive, uhm, eyes?

And that’s why I always hate it when someone calls you out for listening to some shitty band you grew up with and is all like “Haha you like Pearl Jam oh my god they suck so much!” because it’s like hey, yeah, thanks! Without you I never would have realized Pearl Jam sucks! But the fact that Pearl Jam sucks is completely irrelevant because that’s just all I had in 1991, and “Black” is always going to destroy me because Ten came out right after my parents got divorced and my dad had moved out and I’d just sit in my room and listen to this song about love and loss and longing and the realization that the woman who once lit up your entire world is destined to become the star in somebody else’s sky and I’d think about my father and just fucking weep, and it’s like, you know, whatever, you were probably crying over Blind Melon or the Spin Doctors or Temple of the Dog or some shit but you’re just too embarrassed to admit it because it’s so much easier to be all like “oh, well, you know, Wavves really speaks to that period in my life.”

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