Here's the latest and greatest screenshot of the apps I keep on my iPod touch home screen:

2010-07 iPod touch Home Screen

Carcassonne is still getting a lot of use as my wife and I keep a game going back and forth (the number 1 means it's my turn).  Aside from that, I use Tumblr, Twitter, Reeder and Simplenote the most.

For any 2-4 year olds out there reading and looking for apps, my son still loves playing with Doodle Buddy and Giraffe's Matching Zoo.  There's a new iPad app, Intro to Math, by Montessorium that looks like it could be a good educational app to distract him with on long car rides.

What are your favourite apps for your iPhone/iPod touch?


2010-02-09 iPod touch home screen

2008-07-17 iPod touch home screen

Current iPod touch Screen Layout