Apple's Black Friday Event

— 1 minute read

If you're a certain friend of mine who recently bought a Mac you may want to avoid reading this for fear that your wife is going to go into a fit of Mennonite-Missing-Out-On-a-Deal-Ytis (MOODY for short). That or make plans to call the Apple store (1-800-676-2775 / refund web page) and get the price difference or threaten to return said computer.

For anyone who's been looking at buying a Mac, today might be a good day to do so. Since it's turkey weekend in America, they're passing on savings to everyone else today only - Black Friday gift guide from Apple. You can save around $100 on laptops or iMacs and $48 on iPod touches. Most everything else is $5 - $10 savings, so nothing huge.

If you're a student or connected to someone who is, don't lose any sleep over these prices as they're only $1 cheaper than what Apple sells them for on the education side.