We came, we saw..  I forgot the camera to capture the evidence but it's pretty fair to say Toronto won't be the same after this weekend.

We had the best and worst presentations ever made to people sitting in chairs in the history of mankind.  I cannot believe in this day and age that companies that make real money pay real dollars to people who cannot even present their product without just reading off the powerpoint slides.

'Oh boy, was this ever a disaster.  Complete nightmare.  But it's a great product.'

I have no idea what that means - I think it means I'm really tired and wiped from a weekend of planes, sitting in conferences and not having a day off.  At least this week is a short week.  I won $15,000 at blackjack** on Saturday night.

I've got my ears on a copy of U2's new album that's making the day go a little smoother.  It's going ot be a great album and tour.

**It should read 'I won $15,000 at blackjack on Saturday night playing with fake money' but that doesn't sound nearly as good.

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