Gotta give the guy credit for running against the grain, even though I don't necessarily dig his music.

Interesting numbers from the article:

ï 666,666: The number of CDs Prince had to sell under his old record deal to make $1 million.

ï 142,857: The number of CDs Prince has to sell now, on his own, to make $1 million

ï 13 million: The number of Purple Rain CDs sold since 1984

ï $19.5 million: The money Prince made off those Purple Rain sales

ï 1.3 million: The number of Musicology CDs sold this year

ï $9.1 million: The money Prince made off those Musicology sales

ï 30: Roughly, the number of studio albums Prince has released in 26 years.

ï 24,800: The average number of people who see Prince in each city

ï $1.5 million: The average concert gross in each city

ï $63.26: Prince's average ticket price

ï $143.60: Madonna's average ticket price

ï $79.5 million: Madonna's tour gross

ï $45.7 million: Prince's tour gross through June 30

ï $100 million: Prince's expected gross at tour's end

Link via Caroline.

Prince Leads the Charge